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Owned more than 150 000 sq m industrial property to rent.

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Our clients

Poster Print, LLC

Poster Print, LLC, is the leading Saint-Petersburg’s digital manufacturer of advertisement goods, such as posters and packaging for outside and inside.

«We are pleased to be a tenant of Holding 78 management company. They always respond fast and solve all issues as we desire. Since 2013 we have been tenants of Holding 78 and we would like to thank them for their service»


"GrowFood" - healthy food delivery service. We deliver food to all areas of St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast  is absolutely free. Possibility to choose your own power line.

"Holding 78 is a reliable partner for our company. They were able to place our production, heated warehouse and temperature warehouse at their facilities. Provided all the necessary energy for  start-up food production and quality work . And also, give the opportunity to develop and expand on the basis of their facilities".


Dialogue, LLC is one of the largest distribution and logistics companies in the North-West region of Russia specializing in foodstuffs management.

"Holding 78 are professionals in property management. Their mechanism works efficiently and consistently in a clocklike manner, this being one of the most important criteria and indicators of mastery in our business".


OMPF, OJSC is the largest manufacturer of meat processing- and semi-finished products in Central Russia

"Holding 78's facilities meet all of our high requirements. They were the only ones able to build a new refrigeration terminal for us, taking into account all our intricate needs. At the same time, the construction was carried out within a short time and with due quality. We appreciate cooperation with this company".


The healthy nutrition brand Health Compass was founded in 1996 and counts over 30 stores in St. Petersburg, offering products from vegetable oils to the buyer - flax, cedar and other useful plants. In addition to producing goods, the company is engaged in scientific research and development of healthy nutrition.

"We are renting a warehouse and office from Holding 78 in Predportovaya street for a third year; the excellent location, the good condition of the property and trustful, empathetic attitude on the part of the lessor help us to develop and plan confidently".


MEDIUS, OJSC (formerly Meduchposobie) was founded in 1934; today it is the largest manufacturer of a broad range of teaching aids, medical simulators and imitators in Russia and CIS. MEDIUS, OJSC's products are certified for compliance with the teaching process and are included in the List of Mandatory Training Equipment in Biology for the Russian General Education Institutions.

"Holding 78 has been our reliable partner for more than ten years! We have passed through many economic stresses side by side. But no matter how changeable the external conditions are, we are confident in our partner".


SPb Service has been providing services for rental of replacement carpets and their service for over 10 years. The company's clients are leading business centres of the city and large industrial enterprises.

"We have been leasing areas for production, warehousing and offices since 2006, and we are planning to expand our business. We have had no problems with Holding 78's management company. Everything always takes place quickly and professionally. We can always agree on favourable and flexible terms of rent".

Grand Doors

"Grand Doors" manufactures sliding gates since 2011. Gates for private homes and businesses. Gates for travel up to 12 meters. Any type of filling flaps.

"Renting space on Parnas in Holding78 for an office, a very beautiful business center and a good management company»

Our advantages

Experience and professionalism
We can change the premises to your requirements, or build a new one
Technical capabilities to connect to utility networks
On one site there is an opportunity to rent premises immediately for production, storage and office.
Remodeling as per the tenant's specifications
We provide high, almost unlimited power without failure
Technical capabilities to connect to utility networks
Holding 78 has electrical power of 1 MW and higher on sites, water disposal and water consumption systems, gas supply for industrial purposes, a standalone gas-burning boiler house, heating, different ceiling heights, availability of a ramp and an overhead crane.
Круглосуточная работа
Все Индустриальные Парки "Холдинга 78" работают круглосуточно, что дает возможность нашим Арендаторам открыть склад или производство с работой 24/7. Для сотрудников наличие Бизнес Центров тоже с круглосуточным доступом на территорию.
Охрана и безопасность
All rooms comply with technical standards
Развитая инфраструктура
"Холдинг 78" предоставляет Арендаторам парковочные места для легкового и грузового автотранспорта. Наличие столовой для персонала. Возможность аренды погрузочной техники. Наличие переговорных комнат и чилаут зон в аренду для встрече с Вашими Клиентами.
Разные районы и любые бюджеты
Наличие 5-ти Индустриальных Парков в собственности и 10-ти Партнерских объектов дает возможность выбора любого района в городе Санкт-Петербурге и Лен. области. Разная ценовая политика и разная классность объектов помогает работать с любыми Вашими бюджетами и запросами.
IT -поддержка
У " Холдинга 78" собственная служба технической поддержки Арендаторов, возможность выбора провайдера, возможность подключения к системе видеоконтроля с учетом и фиксацией рабочего времени Ваших сотрудников.
Стабильность и уверенность в завтрашнем дне
Все объекты " Холдинг 78" в собственности, что дает возможность заключить как краткосрочный, так и долгосрочный договор аренды. А также, опыт с 1995 года по аренде коммерческой недвижимости и более 300 довольных Арендаторов дает уверенность для Вашего бизнеса.

Rent of production and warehouse facilities in Saint Petersburg

Our company specializes in renting out warehouse and production premises in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.

By choosing us you get not only a wide range of premises for rent with guarantee of reliable and safe cooperation, but also impeccable service.

Signing a warehouse lease agreement you solve several problems at once:

  • Save money: buying a warehouse is very expensive, besides, the payback period of such an investment is virtually impossible to predict. Renting warehouse premises in Saint Petersburg will be incomparably cheaper, and the expenses will be quickly offset, in particular because you don't have to spend time and money on solving the issues of maintaining the ownership of the warehouse premises.

  • Optimize logistics: renting a warehouse allows you to change the place of storage any time and arrange the logistics in a way that is more convenient for you; all it takes is renting a warehouse in a different district (for example, rent a warehouse in Kalininskiy district) based on current needs. It is very convenient in terms of mapping routes between the warehouse/office/store/main delivery points – if external circumstances or routes change, it is much easier (and cheaper) to adjust to them than to lose time en route around the city and in traffic jams to a specified warehouse to which you are 'tagged'.

  • You receive a guarantee that all property will be stored safe and sound: rent of fully equipped premises as a warehouse, which ensures safekeeping of any category of goods. Inside the warehouse, the optimal temperature and humidity are maintained, the premises are protected from break-in, inclement weather and other external factors that can affect the safekeeping of the property.

  • Any time you can change not only the warehouse address, but also the storage technique: it is convenient if the company sells several product categories or changes its business area. Different goods need different storage conditions, and refurnishing an existing warehouse for current needs is time-consuming and expensive. Whereas renting a warehouse in Saint Petersburg from the owner with equipment already in place is affordable even with a moderate commodity turnover, and in some cases it is the only available option anyway.

  • You are “hands-free”: seemingly, with the current property prices it is very advantageous to own a warehouse – if necessary, it can be sold at a profit and bring ready cash. In reality it is far from being the case – warehouse premises can take months and even years to sell because demand on such pieces of property depends on many factors, from the area of the premises and its equipment features to external factors like underground development and surrounding infrastructure. That is why renting a warehouse in target districts of Saint Petersburg is far more convenient than buying a warehouse to own, which entails a whole array of time-consuming tasks and financial expenses.

Why you should rent from us?

We provide a wide range of premises

There are several tens of sites at your disposal, out of which you select the unit that matches your objectives as accurately as possible. If it is your first time renting a warehouse, Holding 78 offers many suitable sites, and our experts will help factor in all nuances – from the area and location of the warehouse to its equipment, access roads etc.

We bear full responsibility for the warehouses provided

All premises are fully owned by us, and we guarantee their full suitability for operation (health and fire safety, connected serviceable utility systems etc.). All areas of responsibility are specified in the agreement, and we strictly adhere to the arrangements – if any issues arise on the premises regarding external factors, we promptly rectify them at our own expense.

We practice the multipronged approach

If you need to rent not only warehouse premises in Saint Petersburg, but also production, we are ready to find you sites for the intended purposes in districts convenient for you. Renting all facilities from one operator is very convenient because it reduces document flow, the most convenient payment schedule can be made, and an additional volume discount can be received.

We have an extensive experience in this area

With our help, renting premises for warehousing purposes in Saint Petersburg is no longer a problem, we have been active in the market for over 24 years; over that time we have studied all bottlenecks in the field and learned to quickly and efficiently resolve any controversial situations. Signing an agreement with us, you get continuous comprehensive support, we are always ready to help work out any issues regarding storage arrangement on our sites.

We provide an opportunity to independently find a suitable unit online

The information on all premises on our website is constantly updated, i.e. you can just set the required search criteria and select a suitable warehouse from available options. It is a convenient scenario when you have no time/opportunity to work closely with our experts and you want to look into all options in detail. Information on each site is presented on the website in as much detail as possible, including actual recent photos, the address, area, price etc.

How much does it cost to rent premises for warehousing purposes in Saint Petersburg?

The rent of a specific unit is made up by an array of factors:

  • The location of the warehouse,

  • Area,

  • Equipment,

  • The term of rent (duration and seasonality),

  • Customer-specific requests for warehouse maintenance and product storage (for example, packaging, pre-sale preparation etc.).

The right way to choose premises

If you decided to rent a warehouse in Saint Petersburg from an owner, it makes sense to look at options with a little floor space margin – about 10% more than what you need for storing the current volume of goods. It allows everything to be arranged conveniently and ensures prompt access to all categories of goods at any moment.

It is no good saving on warehouse equipment because it is not such a high cost item in the rent, but the advantage is obvious: with the right storage the goods retain their properties for as long as possible.

The shorter the term of warehouse rent the higher its cost. Long-term rent of a warehouse from the owner in Saint Petersburg will ensure significant cost-effectiveness and spare you the trouble of looking for another warehouse.

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