"Holding-78" started from the "Torgovlya ot Petmola" company group in 1995. This group mainly engaged in transportation and sales of dairy products to retail and chain stores in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. 

By the end of 2001 "Holding-78" had acquired exclusive distribution rights for the delivery of products made by more than fifty manufacturers. They included the following: "Petmol", "Danone", "Pekar", "Wimm-Bill-Dann", "PMK", "Lactis". Our company's efforts helped establish the representation offices in Moscow, Samara and St. Petersburg. 

For a long time "Holding-78" held a significant stock of shares of the "Ptitsefabrika Sinyavinskaya" CJSC and "Petmol" OJSC. 

The first real estate assets were built by us for the establishment of our own distribution centers. Nowadays the "Holding-78" companies specialize in land development, warehouse and industrial building construction and building and operation of industrial real estate. The agricultural line of business occupies an important place in our activities. 

Currently more than 500 employees work for the company. 

The company manages more than 150 000 square meters of real estate. All industrial parks possess modern infrastructure and significant electrical capacities. 

Among the current partners of "Holding-78" one can name such famous companies as "Peterburgsky Melnichny Kombinat" PJSC, "PEC", "SPb Service", "Metacom", "Versiya" LLC, "MEDIUS" LLC, "Dialog" LLC, "Osnova zdorovya" LLC, "Ostankino — Neva" LLC. 

The continual activity of the facilities is supported by round-the-clock technical operation services. The company's technical subdivisions monitor the engineering systems at all the facilities belonging to the Holding and deal with maintenance and capital repairs. 

The operation and cleaning service maintains order inside the buildings and at the territories adjoining the facilities and also deals with the extermination of rats and insects and waste transportation and disposal. It is also responsible for general safety at the facilities under its control. We keep improving the quality of services that we offer, we are reliable in the matters of guaranteeing the security of our clients who rent our premises, we solve current problems taking into account the special features of our partners' business activities. 


The agriculture business line is represented by the "Plemennoe khozyaystvo imeni Telmana" that has been in business since 1949. This company mainly deals with the production of whole milk and meat (3000 cattle) and growing flower and vegetable sprouts in its own covered greenhouses. 

Nowadays "Plemennoe khozyaystvo imeni Telmana" is a modern integrated high-tech company that produces whole milk for the processers and consumers of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region: we grown our own grains and green fodder and perform their primary processing in order to feed our cows. 

In 2016 we started and successfully developed the project of producing cattle meat stock on an uninterrupted industrial basis, supported by our own fodder production. 

Our meat is mainly bought by "Luzhsky myasokombinat" OJSC and "Pit-product" LLC, while our milk is purchased by "Danone" OJSC, food service centers, various retail stores in the city and the region. 

Thanks to the presence of well-equipped warehouses and finishing conveyors the products of our joint-stock company comply with the quality requirements and preserve their main features and an attractive look and taste for a long time. 

Since 2000 the company has been working on a new line of business: growing flower and vegetable sprouts. In 10 years the company became the main flower supplier for the beautification of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

The flowers grown by our employees make the inhabitants and guests of all districts of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region very happy. To date, 14 districts of St. Petersburg and the new "Zenit Arena" stadium have been beautified with our flowers. We work with chain stores as well as retail shops.

Our company may be rightly considered a manufacturing facility with effective management that promotes the formation of a stable workforce and achieves good results. 

We are convinced that: our rich experience and constantly growing bundle of knowledge, our attention to tradition and friendly personnel will let us keep up with the high demands of our clients in the future.

years on the market
150 000 м2

Our clients

Poster Print, LLC

Poster Print, LLC, is the leading Saint-Petersburg’s digital manufacturer of advertisement goods, such as posters and packaging for outside and inside.

«We are pleased to be a tenant of Holding 78 management company. They always respond fast and solve all issues as we desire. Since 2013 we have been tenants of Holding 78 and we would like to thank them for their service»


Dialogue, LLC is one of the largest distribution and logistics companies in the North-West region of Russia specializing in foodstuffs management.

"Holding 78 are professionals in property management. Their mechanism works efficiently and consistently in a clocklike manner, this being one of the most important criteria and indicators of mastery in our business".


OMPF, OJSC is the largest manufacturer of meat processing- and semi-finished products in Central Russia

"Holding 78's facilities meet all of our high requirements. They were the only ones able to build a new refrigeration terminal for us, taking into account all our intricate needs. At the same time, the construction was carried out within a short time and with due quality. We appreciate cooperation with this company".


The healthy nutrition brand Health Compass was founded in 1996 and counts over 30 stores in St. Petersburg, offering products from vegetable oils to the buyer - flax, cedar and other useful plants. In addition to producing goods, the company is engaged in scientific research and development of healthy nutrition.

"We are renting a warehouse and office from Holding 78 in Predportovaya street for a third year; the excellent location, the good condition of the property and trustful, empathetic attitude on the part of the lessor help us to develop and plan confidently".


MEDIUS, OJSC (formerly Meduchposobie) was founded in 1934; today it is the largest manufacturer of a broad range of teaching aids, medical simulators and imitators in Russia and CIS. MEDIUS, OJSC's products are certified for compliance with the teaching process and are included in the List of Mandatory Training Equipment in Biology for the Russian General Education Institutions.

"Holding 78 has been our reliable partner for more than ten years! We have passed through many economic stresses side by side. But no matter how changeable the external conditions are, we are confident in our partner".


SPb Service has been providing services for rental of replacement carpets and their service for over 10 years. The company's clients are leading business centres of the city and large industrial enterprises.

"We have been leasing areas for production, warehousing and offices since 2006, and we are planning to expand our business. We have had no problems with Holding 78's management company. Everything always takes place quickly and professionally. We can always agree on favourable and flexible terms of rent".

Our history


• Establishment of Petmol Trade Group of Companies 


• Obtaining exclusive rights for distribution of Petmol products

• Establishment of representative offices in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Samara


• Commencement of production of dairy products under its own trademark Prostokvashino

• By 2002, Holding 78 received exclusive distribution rights for supply of products of more than fifty manufacturers. Among them are Petmol, Danone, Pekar, Wimm-Bill-Dann, PMK, Lactis.

• Holding 78 becomes a shareholder of Sinyavinskaya Poultry Factory, the largest one in Europe

• Holding 78 becomes a shareholder of Telman Breeding Farm, CJSC


• Purchasing a facility in Khrulev street with an area of 20 thousand square metres from LOMO


• Holding 78 becomes an owner of a controlling stake in Telman Breeding Farm, CJSC


• Commencement of construction of class A warehouses in Parnas

• Commissioning of a business centre in the 16th line, V.I.


• Holding 78 becomes a shareholder of Stroypolimer plant in Kolpino with a total area of 50,000 square metres


• Commencement of development business in Finland

• Extension of the company's activities to Eastern Europe
The company owns and handles more than 150 thousand square metres of production, warehousing and office areas and counts more than 1,000 employees
• The future is near!
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For agencies

Holding 78 actively cooperates with agencies and offers the best conditions:

• Commission up to 100% in St. Petersburg
• Commission up to 150% in Leningrad region and Kolpino

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Agrarian business

Holding 78 includes Telman Breeding Farm, CJSC, the largest agricultural enterprise in Leningrad region specializing in production of milk, meat and flower seeds

• 100 thousand people drink our milk daily
• 15 districts of St. Petersburg are decorated with our flowers
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