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Industrial Park "Holding 78 - Kolpino-Severnaya" 3

Tosnensky raion, Poselok Telmana 60

м. Zvyezdnaya
м. Kupchino
м. Moskovskaya
№ 460
production, warehouse
250 ₽/м2/month
115 000 ₽/month
460 м2
№ 226
production, warehouse
250 ₽/м2/month
56 500 ₽/month
226 м2
№ 229
production, warehouse
250 ₽/м2/month
57 250 ₽/month
229 м2
№ 160
production, warehouse
260 ₽/м2/month
41 600 ₽/month
160 м2
№ 1538
production, warehouse
260 ₽/м2/month
399 880 ₽/month
1 538 м2
№ 336
production, warehouse
260 ₽/м2/month
87 360 ₽/month
336 м2
№ 381
150 ₽/м2/month
57 150 ₽/month
381 м2
№ 352
520 ₽/м2/month
183 040 ₽/month
352 м2
№ 1533
380 ₽/м2/month
582 540 ₽/month
1 533 м2
№ 52
600 ₽/м2/month
31 200 ₽/month
52 м2
№ 1000
70 ₽/м2/month
70 000 ₽/month
1 000 м2
№ 7000
38 ₽/м2/month
266 000 ₽/month
7 000 м2
№ 1001
30 ₽/м2/month
30 000 ₽/month
1 000 м2
№ 1101
100 ₽/м2/month
110 000 ₽/month
1 100 м2
№ 1093
production, warehouse
150 ₽/м2/month
163 950 ₽/month
1 093 м2
№ 49
production, warehouse
300 ₽/м2/month
14 700 ₽/month
49 м2
№ 313
275 ₽/м2/month
86 075 ₽/month
313 м2
№ 162
production, warehouse
280 ₽/м2/month
45 360 ₽/month
162 м2
№ 314
350 ₽/м2/month
109 550 ₽/month
313 м2
№ 862
production, warehouse
250 ₽/м2/month
215 500 ₽/month
862 м2
№ 360
production, warehouse
260 ₽/м2/month
93 600 ₽/month
360 м2
№ 1750
production, warehouse
230 ₽/м2/month
402 730 ₽/month
1 751 м2
№ 7760
production, warehouse
230 ₽/м2/month
1 784 800 ₽/month
7 760 м2

Rent of offices and warehouses in St. Petersburg

We are the owner of production-warehouse and office premises, renting them out. Our industrial Parks are ready to accept tenants in all areas of business. If we do not have the required premises on the current moment - then we can build it. The choice of areas for rent from 30 sq.m. up to 10 000 sq.m.

The company owns 150,000 square meters. m. real estate. Various sections are equipped with loading and unloading installations (tilting bridges, crane beams), autonomous boiler houses, treatment facilities, significant electrical capacity. Holding "78" has production facilities, office, warehouses, buildings with thermoregulatory installations (temperature capabilities refrigerating chambers from + 5С to -15С). Additional attractiveness of the company's real estate will come close passage near the sections of the main railways and the Ring Road.

Наши преимущества

22 года
We can change the premises to your requirements, or build a new one
On one site there is an opportunity to rent premises immediately for production, storage and office.
We provide high, almost unlimited power without failure
Энергетические мощности
под потребности арендатора
Возможность аренды
All rooms comply with technical standards
работа и охрана объектов

Our clients

Poster Print, LLC

Poster Print, LLC, is the leading Saint-Petersburg’s digital manufacturer of advertisement goods, such as posters and packaging for outside and inside.

«We are pleased to be a tenant of Holding 78 management company. They always respond fast and solve all issues as we desire. Since 2013 we have been tenants of Holding 78 and we would like to thank them for their service»


Dialogue, LLC is one of the largest distribution and logistics companies in the North-West region of Russia specializing in foodstuffs management.

"Holding 78 are professionals in property management. Their mechanism works efficiently and consistently in a clocklike manner, this being one of the most important criteria and indicators of mastery in our business".


OMPF, OJSC is the largest manufacturer of meat processing- and semi-finished products in Central Russia

"Holding 78's facilities meet all of our high requirements. They were the only ones able to build a new refrigeration terminal for us, taking into account all our intricate needs. At the same time, the construction was carried out within a short time and with due quality. We appreciate cooperation with this company".


The healthy nutrition brand Health Compass was founded in 1996 and counts over 30 stores in St. Petersburg, offering products from vegetable oils to the buyer - flax, cedar and other useful plants. In addition to producing goods, the company is engaged in scientific research and development of healthy nutrition.

"We are renting a warehouse and office from Holding 78 in Predportovaya street for a third year; the excellent location, the good condition of the property and trustful, empathetic attitude on the part of the lessor help us to develop and plan confidently".


MEDIUS, OJSC (formerly Meduchposobie) was founded in 1934; today it is the largest manufacturer of a broad range of teaching aids, medical simulators and imitators in Russia and CIS. MEDIUS, OJSC's products are certified for compliance with the teaching process and are included in the List of Mandatory Training Equipment in Biology for the Russian General Education Institutions.

"Holding 78 has been our reliable partner for more than ten years! We have passed through many economic stresses side by side. But no matter how changeable the external conditions are, we are confident in our partner".


SPb Service has been providing services for rental of replacement carpets and their service for over 10 years. The company's clients are leading business centres of the city and large industrial enterprises.

"We have been leasing areas for production, warehousing and offices since 2006, and we are planning to expand our business. We have had no problems with Holding 78's management company. Everything always takes place quickly and professionally. We can always agree on favourable and flexible terms of rent".

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